The company

FoodOxys is a spin-off company of the University of Thessaly, which aims to ensure nutritional wellness on an individualized basis.

Its scientific team consists of distinguished researchers with many years of experience in the field of nutritional biochemistry and human metabolism. Under the scientific guidance of Dimitris Kouretas, Professor of Animal Physiology-Toxicology, FoodOxys scientists have published more than 180 papers in world-renowned scientific journals and have remarkable experience in biochemistry of nutrition.

The main objective of the company is to bridge the enjoyment of nutrition with the optimization of health. That is to say, each person is provided with personalized instructions that enable him or her to nourish in a way that ensures the proper functioning of the body by choosing as much as possible the foods he or she wishes.

FoodOxys provides this capability after its scientists perform a specialized test on a drop of blood from the finger of the hand. This test allows FoodOxys team to evaluate the individual’s redox status and adjust / modify his or her dietary habits as appropriate. This way the person’s metabolism is controlled and his/her body is not threatened by oxidative stress. FoodOxys’ core service is also the measurement of the antioxidant content of a wide range of foods so that consumers know their value and their potential positive impact on their health.