The device

Dr. Kouretas’ research team is involved in the global patent for a portable glutathione measuring device (Figure 1). Determination of blood glutathione levels is done painlessly by collecting a drop of blood from the finger of the hand. Based on the levels ​​of glutathione as calculated by this device, results are classified into the following 3 categories:

Cat I: Values> 3.5 (Normal).
Cat II: Values ​​<2.5 (Pathological).
Cat III: Values ​​between 2.5 and 3.5 (Possible metabolic disorder).

Figure 1
FoodOxys Portable Device for Measuring Glutathione.

As previously mentioned, the need for dietary antioxidants depends on the endogenous concentration of glutathione. Based on experimental data, low levels of glutathione have been associated with various metabolic disorders, such as those shown in Figure 2. At this point antioxidants in the diet are involved to increase glutathione levels.

Figure 2
Adverse effects of oxidative stress on health.

Figure 3

The diagram on the left (Figure 3) illustrates the relationship of endogenous glutathione concentration (GSH in µmol / g Hb) with the amount of antioxidants required to be taken from the diet (1-5).

Figure 4

Red: very low values ​​- dangerous to health.
Orange: Low values – attention needed.
Light green: Increased values – attention needed.
Dark green: Normal values ​​- we follow a balanced diet.

The necessary amount of antioxidants can come from a combination of foods found to be rich in antioxidants.
The multi-year research activity of researchers that compose FoodOxys yielded a database of the metabolic profiles of 4,000 people, now automating the process of providing personalized diet plans. This database is undoubtedly a unique, intangible asset of the company on the basis of which the normal distribution of glutathione values among the population has emerged (Figure 4).

Based on the above, we can calculate the amount and quality of the dietary antioxidant load that is absolutely essential for each person daily.

Therefore, a customized menu is created by the company’s specialized staff, based on each person’s requirements and needs.