Services applied on foods and food supplements

This service measures various nutritional supplements and foods using a wide variety of in vitro methods, cell line experiments, and in vivo studies. This leads to the creation of a product certification file.
Finding health claims for the product under testing. Checking its ingredients and composition in order to record the health claims made under current EU legislation and regulations. The results are given in the form of a certificate.
After being trialled the products tested will be more appreciated by the consumer as their beneficial effects will be proved against other products or in the absence of that product.
Farmland control by a holistic method using:
  1. Unmanned flight systems (drones) for multi-spectral imaging. Soil Studies.
  2. Entomological Studies.
  3. Climatic Observations.
  4. Measurement of antioxidants in fruits.
  5. Measurement of polyphenols in fruits.
  6. Measurement of sugars in fruits.
  7. This gives an algorithm for the most appropriate harvesting period but also for the use of fertilizers and pesticides.
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