Uni.Fund is sponsoring a spin-off from the University of Thessaly

Another spin-off, this time from the University of Thessaly, is sponsored by Uni.Fund. FoodOxys works in the field of bio-functional nutrition and human metabolism.

FoodOxys offers antioxidant testing services to humans, with the goal of ensuring wellness through a personalized approach to nutrition. The company has developed technology that allows the identification of antioxidants by analyzing a drop of blood. Blood sampling is carried out with portable equipment (patented by the company) and results are available in less than 30 minutes. Based on the results, FoodOxys is able to create personalized diet plans that promote the individual’s health and wellness.

Large sports clubs have already used the services of the company, which are soon expected to be available in luxury hotels, gyms and other venues. Recently, FoodOxys started an innovative partnership with the largest diet clinic in Europe, the Buchinger Clinic, analyzing the effectiveness of the diet that visitors follow during their stay in the clinic. FoodOxys takes blood samples prior to and immediately after food therapies, cultivates cells and identifies altered expression genes, targeting those associated with cytoprotection and anti-aging.

FoodOxys also provides a food antioxidant analysis service that allows companies and the consumer to evaluate the quality of products. This service is aimed at producers and traders and provides valuable information on shaping product marketing prices. Large food companies, supermarket chains, and restaurants have already expressed strong interest in this service.

The FoodOxys founding team consists of distinguished researchers with years of experience in the field of nutritional biochemistry and human metabolism. Graduates of the Department of Biochemistry-Biotechnology, Nikos Gkoutzourelas, Maria Kanaki and Fotis Tekos, under the guidance of Professor Dimitris Kouretas, have published more than 180 papers in world-renowned scientific journals.

The 250,000 euro Uni.Fund funding will be used to expand the company’s services in the Greek market, further develop and communicate its portfolio of services and exit to international markets.

Commenting on the collaboration with Uni.Fund, Dimitris Kouretas says: “Uni.Fund changed our lives, kept my students in Greece and now we are creating something unique in the field of food and bio-functional nutrition.”  Katerina Pramatari, Partner at Uni.Fund, notes: “At FoodOxys we have found a team of internationally recognized scientific profiles and research results with wide application in the field of human health and wellness, a billion-dollar market that is growing at a fast pace. The company is moving very fast, messages from the market are very encouraging and we are very optimistic about the company’s progress inside and outside Greece.”